He was driving west through BeaumontHeard a story in a barIt scared him half to deathAnd he jumped back in his carThere’s a girl who’s hunting cowboysCarving notches in her gunCasualties are mountingLost count at twenty-oneYour days are numberedIf she sets her sights on youThere’s trouble down in TexasAnd her name is Betty LouShe was courted by a cowboyDown on bended kneeHe pledged eternal loveBut it was not to beHe left her at the altarA sweet and blushing brideNow she is a woman scornedHell-bent on homicideHe was hiding out in HoustonBut he didn’t stay for longThey said he bore a strong resemblanceTo the one who done her wrongIn an icehouse up in ConroeHe was taken by surpriseWhen a girl walked through the swinging doorsVendetta in her eyesHer two gold teeth were flashingHe saw her skull tattooShe said, “Hi - Nice to meet y’allMy name is Betty Lou”He headed for the alleyDucking buckshot as he ranHis mind already workingOn a relocation planThere’s a new endangered speciesAnd cowboy is its nameHe said, “I’m moving out of stateAnd I suggest you do the sameIf you want to send a postcardAddress it KatmanduThere’s trouble down in TexasAnd her name is Betty Lou”