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  1. Back to New York

From the recording Back to New York


I climbed to the top of a mountainWent to where rivers are bornThrew three coins in the fountainSailed through the eye of a stormI sat across from a wise manHe said, “I’ll tell you what is true”I said, “Excuse the interruptionBut if it’s all the same to you…”I’m going back to New YorkI’m going back to New YorkI found the lost city of AtlantisI slept in the Taj MahalWalked through the Garden of EdenSaw Adam and Eve take the fallI hitched a ride on a spaceshipI flew out to Venus and MarsI said, “ Oh, well, I like the viewBut I thank my lucky stars…”I hung around with PandoraShe said, “ Don’t open that box”I said, “ Too late – The deed is done”She said, “Shoot – I should have changed the locks”I was crawling across the SaharaIn the middle of No Man’s LandI saw 42nd and BroadwayShimmer in the desert sand