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  1. Blue Mountain

From the recording Blue Mountain


Far above the valleyA woman lived aloneAnd for a centuryHer legend has grownHe placed the ringUpon her fingerBid her sweet goodbyeAnd she said, “I will wait for youTill all the seas run dry”Oh –Some say they hear her callingSome say they hear her cryingOr is it just the wailing wind?Up on Blue MountainSeven ships set sailOut of Charleston BayWhen she learned only six returnedShe shut herself awayChildren in the town belowGrew up and then grew oldBut they all heard the restless stepsThat made their blood run coldStill she calls in the wildest stormsFrom the tallest trees“There’s the mast! The billowed sail!”As the seventh ship she seesThe seventh ship is coming inThe seventh ship is coming inUp on Blue Mountain