1. Rectified


Waiting at the windowFor a daughter coming homeThe words unspoken“She’s on that road alone”Fear and trepidationAs they watched the shadows fallNo laughter at the gateSilence in the hallAnd another was waitingFor that sweet and tender childAnger in his heartMurder in the smileThere at the last bendHe struck and there she diedIf we live long enoughWe’ll see it rectifiedThe forest kept watchTill the breaking of the dayWhen that cold still formWas gently borne awayAnd echoed through the trees“Men, let’s saddle up and rideIf we live long enoughWe’ll see this rectified”They rode through the dayAnd they rode through the nightCame upon a campfireStill smoldering whiteAnd echoed again through the trees“You can run but you can’t hideIf we live long enoughWe’ll see it rectified”They found the coward tremblingWith voices hard and lowThey said, “We could kill you hereAnd none would ever knowBut we’ll take you to a prison cellDream of gallows high and wideWe lived long enoughTo see it rectified”There’s a long stretch of highwayWith weeds overgrownThat hide a marker of pale grey stoneIt tells the story -Here she lived and here she diedBut they lived long enoughTo see it rectified