In fitful dreamsWith dark themesThat threaten to pull me underI call but make no soundLost and never foundFinally I wake to wonderHow we do this at allOur backs against the wallWith love the only doorwayPraying for the lightOut of reach, out of sightTo guide us on our wayWe call on the moon and starsWith voices from afarTheir secrets to uncoverWe’re waiting here belowFor what, we do not knowWhile unseen angels hoverI’ve said all this beforeBut I’ve been shaken to the coreSo forgive me any lapse of reasonCourage is a lonely artI must take heart“To every thing there is a season”And sometimes we hear thingsBeating of gentle wingsOn our windowpanesOh, but thenThey’re gone againAnd love is all that remainsIn the dead of nightBy electric lightWe sing the songs of oldCome down to me, Sweet MysteryAnd play your harps of gold