First let’s get our facts straightLet’s lay it on the lineThis has been building upFor quite some timeYou say you’ve been woundedBy the blade of a knifeFrankly, I’m a little bit tiredOf hearing how you’re scarred for lifeGo ahead and walk awayWhat are you waiting for?But don’t come running to meWhen the wolves are at your doorIt’s come to my attentionYes, I’ve begun to suspectYou’d be the one hiding down belowWhen they cry, “All hands on deck”You like to dress in tattersAs if you’ve been riding the railsI’d call that into questionBut we’d be going at it tooth and nailI tried to warn youBut it’s just your styleTo look right through meWith that all-knowing smileYou can’t see their eyes of fireYou don’t see them circle ‘roundYou won’t hear them howlingUntil they take you down