I don't know why I'm tattered and tornDon't know why I'm the object of scornDon't know why I keep playing the foolHeld up to ridiculeI don't know why I've got a monkey on my backI said, "Come on now, cut me some slack"Sometimes I think it's all too much to bearBut then again I'm too lazy to careI don't know why - I don't know whyI like to rock - I don't like to cryFlying blind - I don't have a clueI don't know why I love you but I doI don't know why I look so strangeI'm hoping that it's subject to changeDon't know why you got under my skinI built a wall but it's paper thinI'm unschooled in self-defenseCompletely lacking in common senseWhat's your secret? What's your trick?I should know by now but the lessons don't stickI don't know why I'm seeing doubleI don't know why I'm always in troubleDon't know why I'm viewed with disdainI stand accused of raising CainThere you go trying to catch my eyeI know how to dance but I'm kind of shyI might be persuaded to step out on the floorMaybe if you ask me just once more