I had a friend down in HuntsvilleCall me up todayHe said, "You've gotta help meThey're gonna put me awayI swear on the BibleI'm an innocent man"I said, "Heed my adviceDon't take the stand"FreedomI call your nameSomebody help meSlip the shackleThrow down the chainHe said, "I've got a new wardenThe Wicked Witch of the WestI'd like to get out of hereI'm under house arrestShe wears a lot of make upShe likes it overdoneShe wears rings of sapphireOn every finger but one"He said, "I've got to whisperShe's in the other roomI've got to tell youShe's the goddess of doomShe's some kind of loverI'm under some kind of curseCan't judge a book by its coverUnderneath she's even worse"