I hope you will forgive meI seem to be at a loss for wordsYou know they don't come easilyI've always been a solitary birdThere's a dark unguarded pass up aheadI may not have a prayer of getting throughAnd while I'm not prone to displays of emotionI find it hard to say goodbye to youI ride along the great divideFar from the world I have knownBut my heart still sings and my horse has wingsTo fly and carry me homeAnd I'd like to rise above itBut I fear I've fallen preyTo the forces that I railed againstIn my angry young man daysAt least that's how it feels tonightWhen the world has lost her charmsIn her gaudy dress and her bracelets of goldDangling from her withered armsThere will be no more tears or lamentationsI'll take the reins and heed the callI'll make that hill by daybreakAnd ride even if I'm riding for a fall