Leaning out the windowCallin' down to the street"I'll find you on the cornerYou know - where we always meetThe Doctor, he just called me on the phoneWho's that in the alley?Dog snoopin' for a boneI'm goin' out, MamaI'll be a big man someday, you'll seeI have a visionI've got a poet's soul inside of me""Watch out, my babyYou're my darling one""Don't worry about me, MamaI'm the seventh son of a seventh son"You know, I see itBut it's only in my dreamsAll the houses brought to orderWhen Parliament convenes"I'm just a young boyIn my natural primeWatch me walkin'Down the rickety steps of timeI'm going to meet my friendI sing a song to tell the truthThis is the second chapterFrom the pages of my youth"Then a car pulled upAnd a window rolled downA glint of steel"Hit the ground! Hit the ground!"Pop pop, pop pop popAnd then all was stillThe blood ran down the streetAnother casket filledI saw that mother cryingShe rocked him where he layThe pavement was his cradleAs his life slipped away"Doctor! Doctor!Can you bring my sweet boy back?Doctor! Doctor!He was the victim of a sneak attack"And all the lords and ladiesIn respect they stepped asideWhen they heard the sirens screamAnd the white doors open wideI heard that mother crying"Who would come to do him harm?"She called across the ages"Lay down your arms!"