Hangman, put that rope awayWill you give me till the break of day?Heaven help me for the fate I choseDown where the old oak growsMama met me at the door that nightShe said, "There's blood on your hands and your face is all white""Don't ask me, Mama - nobody knowsWhat went down where the old oak grows"Where the old oak grows at the bend in the riverOne dark night there was a breach of trust (tale of lust)Mama, don't weep for meIt's an eye for an eye and dust to dustSee those people, they are gathered aroundThere's a man lyin' dead on the ground"Where'd they find him?" "You don't want to know""Tell me - not down where the old oak grows"Well, he held me down and he had his wayHe said there'd be no wedding dayIn a flash of anger I pulled my knifeGod forgive me, I took his lifeHear the wagon wheels rollin' at dawnSix white horses come to carry me onSay a little prayer for the fate I choseAnd bury me down where the old oak grows