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  1. Adriana

From the recording Rise From The Ashes


I don’t know what it was the other dayThat brought you freshly to my mindIt might have been – yes, maybe it was the waySomeone laughed like you laughed from time to timeAnd it took me back to our favorite hillWhere the weeping willow standsI said, “Tomorrow and tomorrow we will be here still”And you said, “No, I think God has other plans”AdrianaOur pretty bird has flownAdrianaYou’re sleeping under stoneIn a room all white, gathered at the bedsideAnd you would get that look of mischief in your eyeYou’d say, “Why the long faces? Why the solemn expressions?You’d think I was going to die”And sometimes still I strain to hearYour sweet footsteps in the hallEven though for yearsYou’ve been just a picture on our wall