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  1. Ain't Nobody Home

From the recording Rise From The Ashes


Right around DecemberWhen the hard winds blowI think of the strangerDrifted in with the snowHe didn’t stay longBut when he looked my waySent a cold chill through meI can feel todayHe said, “I’m a wanderer, I’m a soul-less soulI’m a rolling stoneLook in my eyesAin’t nobody home”“I could blame it on my DaddyLeft me when I was threeOr say it was my MamaBut it’s really just meIn my lifetimeI’ve been tempted to killI haven’t yetBut I probably will”He died at the handsOf a sheriff I knowSaid, “We had to take him downShot a kid in LaredoNow killers and dead menI’ve seen plenty of thoseBut his eyes were openAnd I wish they’d been closed”