From the recording VIII

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Looking back to when it started
He said it didn’t seem like much
Just that her hand under his own
Felt electric to the touch

But it was enough to shake the planets
To shock the moon and stars
To make the fates hang down their heads
As they watched him from afar

All for Angelina
He said she was the only one
All for Angelina
He cried, “What have I done?”

She said, “If you truly love me
Do this for me at least
Bring me diamonds mined in Africa
And rubies from the East

I want a shawl from the Orient
From Paris a fine dress”
He said, “I guess other men before me
Have sold their souls for less”

It was just another plan gone wrong
And like the songs of old
Blood spilled on a dark street
For silver and for gold

He said, “Put me in a prison cell
In the shadow of the gallows high
And I will pay my restitution
Until the day I die”

He said, “I though we had forever
I thought we had all the time in the world
That we would live our love
Like we were the last boy and the last girl

Angelina, can you hear me?
Do you hear me call your name?
Or are you out there burning in the night
Drawing new moths to your flame?”