From the recording My Turn

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I’ve been thinking for a while now
Something’s gotta give
What do you say we make a vow?
Find the spark we started with
How about you, amigo?
Shall we go dancing cheek to cheek?
We could scale these prison walls
You’ve still got that wild streak
There’s a wind outside my door
It’s an old familiar friend
Almost sounds like California
Saying, “Stranger, where you been?”
We all have our souvenirs
Something held apart
A little treasure tucked away
In a corner of the heart
A flower pressed in paper
A letter in a drawer
Mine’s a seashell from Laguna
I can hear the Pacific Ocean roar
Let’s trip the light fantastic
Go hear that crooner sing
“Where the Blue of the Night
                    Meets the Gold of the Day”
The Santa Ana’s calling