From the recording Ride Away From The World


One day by chance as I sat by my windowI happened to glance down to the street belowAt people passing by as they appeared anddisappeared from viewI saw a girl she was smiling, she was laughing, she was talkingTo a boy - arm in arm they were walkingHe turned to hold her close and I saw that it was youAnd you ask me where I'll goI tell you I don't knowMaybe any way the wind blowsAt first I denied it - I refused to believeThat you could betray me that you could deceiveBut now I see that our love has come to an endI want no more of these conversationsI've had enough of your explanationsI say never, never darken my door againNorth South East WestThe four corners of the world - I won't rest'Til every sea, every mountain I have crossedAnd some day you might feel a breezeA slight shiver in the treesAnd remember the girl you once loved and you lost