From the recording Dreams of Glory

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One day by chance as I sat by my window
I happened to glance down to the street below
At people passing by as they appeared and disappeared from view
I saw a girl she was smiling, she was laughing, she was talking
To a boy - arm in arm they were walking
He turned to hold her close and I saw that it was you

And you ask me where I'll go
I tell you I don't know
Maybe any way the wind blows

At first I denied it - I refused to believe
That you could betray me that you could deceive
But now I see that our love has come to an end
I want no more of these conversations
I've had enough of your explanations
I say never, never darken my door again

North South East West
The four corners of the world - I won't rest
'Til every sea, every mountain I have crossed
And some day you might feel a breeze
A slight shiver in the trees
And remember the girl you once loved and you lost