1. A Charmed Life

From the recording VIII


I was born on a FridayThe thirteenth of JulyThat’s when my guardian angelKissed me goodbyeNow me and misfortuneAre joined at the hipI’ve spent my whole lifeTrying to give her the slipHey – I guess you could sayI lead a charmed lifeI went to Madame RositaShe read the palm of my handShe said to be on the lookoutFor a bow-legged manI asked with some trepidation“Can you at least tell me why?”She said, “That’s all the informationA dollar will buy”Am I a victim of voodoo?Is someone playing a game?Sticking pins in a dollAnd muttering my name?They say over the rainbowBluebirds flyBut there’s a chain link fenceBetween me and the sky