1. A Charmed Life

From the recording VIII

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I was born on a Friday
The thirteenth of July
That’s when my guardian angel
Kissed me goodbye
Now me and misfortune
Are joined at the hip
I’ve spent my whole life
Trying to give her the slip

Hey – I guess you could say
I lead a charmed life

I went to Madame Rosita
She read the palm of my hand
She said to be on the lookout
For a bow-legged man
I asked with some trepidation
“Can you at least tell me why?”
She said, “That’s all the information
A dollar will buy”

Am I a victim of voodoo?
Is someone playing a game?
Sticking pins in a doll
And muttering my name?
They say over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
But there’s a chain link fence
Between me and the sky