From the recording Dreams of Glory

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I climbed to the top of a mountain
Went to where rivers are born
Threw three coins in the fountain
Sailed through the eye of a storm
I sat across from a wise man
He said, “I’ll tell you what is true”
I said, “Excuse the interruption
But if it’s all the same to you…"

I’m going back to New York
I’m going back to New York

I found the lost city of Atlantis
I slept in the Taj Mahal
Walked through the Garden of Eden
Saw Adam and Eve take the fall
I hitched a ride on a spaceship
I flew out to Venus and Mars
I said, “ Oh, well, I like the view
But I thank my lucky stars…”

I hung around with Pandora
She said, “ Don’t open that box”
I said, “ Too late – The deed is done”
She said, “Shoot – I should have changed the locks”
I was crawling across the Sahara
In the middle of No Man’s Land
I saw 42nd and Broadway
Shimmer in the desert sand