From the recording Rise From The Ashes


All alone the curtains drawn your head bent down in sorrowThe walls are closing in you said you dread tomorrowNow I lay me down to sleep my tears could fill an oceanHey someone's come to call what's all that commotionBang bang bang bangThe whole house shook - The doorbell rangKnock knock knock knockOpen up in the name of rockGo away and leave me be I don't want to hear itNo we will not be denied we've come to raise your spiritThere is no time to waste given your conditionReady or not, here we come, we've got the ammunitionWe've picked the lock we came to rock we're looking for the sleeperYour traumatized, paralyzed because you fear the reaperSo we come with bass and drum to interrupt your slumberTake the chance time to dance we've got your number