1. Blue Mountain

From the recording Dreams of Glory

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Far above the valley
A woman lived alone
And for a century
Her legend has grown
He placed the ring
Upon her finger
Bade her sweet goodbye
And she said, “I will wait for you
Till all the seas run dry”

Oh –Some say they hear her calling
Some say they hear her crying
Or is it just the wailing wind?
Up on Blue Mountain

Seven ships set sail
Out of Charleston Bay
When she learned only six returned
She shut herself away
Children in the town below
Grew up and then grew old
But they all heard the restless steps
That made their blood run cold

Still she calls in the wildest storms
From the tallest trees
“There’s the mast! The billowed sail!”
As the seventh ship she sees

The seventh ship is coming in
The seventh ship is coming in
Up on Blue Mountain