1. Brand New Car

From the recording VIII

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There once was a girl in days gone by
She lived at the oceanside
She only had one care in the world
She didn’t want to beg a ride

But suddenly a sweet surprise
Came right out of the blue
She called her friends with tears in her eyes
Said, “I’ve got some real good news”

My Daddy gave me a brand new car
It’s a Rocket 88
Gonna drive it up to the stars
Let’s go – Now don’t be late

She liked the feel of the wheel in her Oldsmobile
She said, “From way up high we’ll look back down
See all the streets, all the avenues
In every city and town

Hey, there’s Mustang Sally
Maybelline in a Coupe DeVille
Here comes a little red Corvette
Rollin’ on down the hill

Way down below there’s a GTO
I pray it won’t collide
With a little Deuce Coupe on Dead Man’s Curve
Cruisin’ side by side

They’re playing our tune, Fly Me To the Moon
And we’re taking off tonight
From here to the stratosphere
Out of reach, out of sight”

So if you’re getting’ your kicks on Route 66
And a Rocket comes along
She’ll be riding in style and she’ll throw you a smile
While she’s singing this little song