From the recording Born To Howl


All rightYou winI give upI give inI've walked the walkDanced the danceVictim ofCircumstanceAnd I've come to the conclusionThat the damage has been doneAnd I'm under no illusionsTime to face the musicTime to let the white flag fly and...Run runHide hideCall off your dogsMisery and PainCall off your dogsSnarling on a chainWho goes there?Friend or foe?Somebody tell meI don't knowSomething creeping up the stairI ran to lookFound no one thereI went running down the alleyWith something close behindSomething I suspectedWas of unsound mindI began to shiverAnd I began to shoutI went running down the hallwayWith the bulb burned outBut one of these fine morningsYour plans may come undoneThen you'll be the one to face the musicYou'll be the one to let the white flag fly