From the recording Born To Howl

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All right
You win
I give up
I give in
I've walked the walk
Danced the dance
Victim of Circumstance
And I've come to the conclusion
That the damage has been done
And I'm under no illusions
Time to face the music
Time to let the white flag fly and...

Run run
Hide hide
Call off your dogs
Misery and Pain
Call off your dogs
Snarling on a chain

Who goes there?
Friend or foe?
Somebody tell me
I don't know
Something creeping up the stair
I ran to look
Found no one there

I went running down the alley
With something close behind
Something I suspected
Was of unsound mind
I began to shiver
And I began to shout
I went running down the hallway
With the bulb burned out

But one of these fine mornings
Your plans may come undone
Then you'll be the one to face the music
You'll be the one to let the white flag fly