From the recording Church Of The Falling Rain


Well, it 's days like theseMake you fall down to your kneesBeauty sometimes takes your breath awayThere's a wind wrapped around my feetI can feel the earth through the concreteAnd I bow my head and prayIn the church of the falling rainThe keepers of the flameKneel at the altar of the rising sunJust another schoolgirlCaught out in the modern worldListening for the songs of the holy onesHello, Evening StarI wonder how you areI was taught but I forgot your nameI'm down here still scaredPutting ribbons in my hairAll grown up and just the sameBaptized with closed eyesWhere the misty waters riseAnd I'm running out of timeRead a book, lost my placeWaiting for a saving graceAnd I'm looking for a sign