From the recording A Wild Bird Flying

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I found a gypsy crying
By the side of the road
He said, “I’ve seen the future
I’ve cracked the code
I’ve learned to read
Between the lines
For I’ve lived long
And I know the signs”
Some say there’s a blood moon rising
Some say Death’s going to seize the throne
       (Don’t look behind – You’ll be turned to stone)
The words came in on a cold sharp wind
And they cut a little close to the bone
Rack and ruin
He said, “I see them clear
I can taste the trouble
And I can feel the fear
It gets in through the window
And the dead bolt door
We hold our loved ones
Closer than before”
He said, “The dry leaves speak
Before the storm
Hear them repeat
You’ve been warned”
I said, “No, don’t say it
Your crystal ball lied
There’s still time
To stem the tide!”