1. Dance Band

From the recording Fire It Up


Tell me, have you heard by word of mouthAbout a great place to go?Jump in the car and drive down southTo the Gulf of MexicoThe neon sign is brokenThe years have taken their tollThe old P.A. is smokin’They really let the good times rollCome on – Catch us if you canGoing down to GalvestonListen to a dance bandWe’ll go walkin’ on the StrandWhen’s the last timeYou heard a good dance band?They’re not chasing fortune and fameThey just want to playYou don’t even know their namesAnd they like it that wayThe dance floor’s always crowdedNot much room to moveBut everyone starts to shout out loudWhen they lock into the grooveThe room is shakin’ to four on the floorIt sounds like a speaker’s blownThe bikers in the corner look a little hard-coreA cowboy’s dancing aloneSo now you know the storyI’ve brought you up to speedSo come on, come on let’s goSatisfaction guaranteed