1. Dance Band

From the recording Fire It Up

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Tell me, have you heard by word of mouth
About a great place to go?
Jump in the car and drive down south
To the Gulf of Mexico
The neon sign is broken
The years have taken their toll
The old P.A. is smokin’
They really let the good times roll

Come on – Catch us if you can
Going down to Galveston
Listen to a dance band
We’ll go walkin’ on the Strand
When’s the last time
You heard a good dance band?

They’re not chasing fortune and fame
They just want to play
You don’t even know their names
And they like it that way
The dance floor’s always crowded
Not much room to move
But everyone starts to shout out loud
When they lock into the groove

The room is shakin’ to four on the floor
It sounds like a speaker’s blown
The bikers in the corner look a little hard-core
A cowboy’s dancing alone
So now you know the story
I’ve brought you up to speed
So come on, come on let’s go
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