From the recording Dreams of Glory

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There’s a dog and he won’t stop howling
In a way he never howled before
I asked him, “What’s the problem?”
He said, “Go home and barricade the door"
There’s a shadow on the front lawn
There’s a crack in the wall
Where’s a soothsayer when you need one?
Might mean everything or nothing at all

Oh, say can you see?
Can you read between the lines?
Give me a kiss for good luck
After all, these are desperate times

Here lies a poet
Unnoticed and unsung
In a corner of the graveyard
Words left burning on the tongue
There’s a woman standing in the hallway
Looks like she’s got a tale to tell
She keeps saying over and over
“Someone stole the warning bell”
Let’s check the foundations
They’ve fallen into disrepair
But the way you look in the twilight
I could die and not even care