From the recording Born To Howl

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People expect you to fall
Hit that same old wall
Really they don't want to help at all
They talk behind your back today
Shake their heads and say
"Well, I always knew that the girl
would come to no good anyway"

Better pack up and go
Detroit or Buffalo
Anybody want to know where -
You don't know
God knows, everybody gotta go sometime
And I'm taking this train to end of the line
Missing every mile that friend of mine

And I haven't been too well myself
A lot of time on the shelf
Saying that I don't need help when I do
But I'm going to be just fine
A lot of friends, a little wine
Still I wish I could see you again sometime

It’s hard to open up the door
Like you've done so many times before
Sometimes you think you just can't do it anymore
Take a chance and take a train
Out into the pouring rain
All you've got's your suitcase full of pain