From the recording Born To Howl


People expect you to fallHit that same old wallReally they don't want to help at allThey talk behind your back todayShake their heads and say"Well, I always knew that the girlwould come to no good anyway"Better pack up and goDetroit or BuffaloAnybody want to know where,you don't knowGod knows, everybody gotta go sometimeAnd I'm taking this train to end of the lineMissing every mile that friend of mineAnd I haven't been too well myselfA lot of time on the shelfSaying that I don't need helpwhen I doBut I'm going to be just fineA lot of friends, a little wineStill I wish I could see you again sometimeIt's hard to open up the doorLike you've done so many times beforeSometimes you think you just can'tdo it anymoreTake a chance and take a trainOut into the pouring rainAll you've got's your suitcasefull of pain