From the recording Dreams of Glory

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I was kicking stones down by the river
Listening to the call of the wild
When you approached from the other direction
I sang you the song of the motherless child

You could say I’m a starry-eyed dreamer
You could say I’m a troubadour of old
You could say I’m a soldier of fortune(high plains drifter)
Or a prospector digging for gold

Outside the castle a lady-in-waiting
Had her application denied
She said, “That’s a bitter pill to swallow
Just when I was hitting my stride”
I saw a man who took to the high wire
Looked like he was dying to please
He waved to the crowd below
Then he fell with the greatest of ease

I’ve seen spirit horses with blood on their saddles
Angels with blue white wings
Or maybe I’m a trickster
And I’ve actually seen none of these things

I’ll give you twenty-five dollars
And then I’ll give you twenty-five more
If you can answer this question
What am I talking to you for?