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  1. Face On The Train

From the recording Ride Away From The World


I wonder if you've noticedOr am I the only one?This attention to the here and nowIs a little overdoneIt seems like we just followWhatever's all the rageEven the moon looks artificialLit on some Hollywood stageI long to be goingNo trace to remain(Forever to remain)A silhouette in the windowAnother face on the trainYou tell me that I'm bitterSad and weary of the sceneI beg to differI don't know what you meanNo act of desperationThis is no tearful retreatNo, this is liberationAnd the taste is oh so sweetWhose keys are these that jangleIn a pocket that I check?Whose pictures that dangleIn a locket 'round my neck?The belongings of a strangerGetting ready to departI only took what I could carryOn my back and in my heart