From the recording Dreams of Glory

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Something's breathin' down my back
The sky outside has turned pitch black
There's a storm cloud gathered on the hill
And a hairline crack on my windowsill

Oh - Have I gone beyond the pale?
Even as we speak, I hear the hammer on the nail

Saw a coffin open wide
With a little baby child inside
Beckoned to me with a white bone hand
Said, "Come a little closer, you'll understand
Do you
You'll be a tear in Jesus' eye?"
Once you think along these lines
It all unravels, it all unwinds

You ask me how I feel
There's a hound dog snappin' at my heels
And all these fears, once ignited
Come back uninvited

I've been lookin' out, I've been lookin' in
I've been runnin' down the road in a howlin' wind