1. Highland Boy

From the recording Situation Out of Control


Through a field there ran a brookFrom the hills beyondWhere a boy put down his bookAnd from me now is goneI am reminded of him hereWhere rain on heather fallsThe pages scattered on the banksSince first he heard the call"Arise, arise, and come awayYou are our pride and joyThe drums shall roll and the pipes shall playFor our highland boy"He sailed on ships and loved a wifeChildren played upon his kneeHe read the story of his lifeThat told his destinyAnd when in Death's cold eyes he lookedHe bravely faced the foeAnd through his heart there ran the brookHe followed long agoAnd so we laid him to his restWe laid him gently downWe heard Scotland's bonny drumsAnd there was glory in the groundThe field shall be his blanket warmThe stars his diademThe hills shall stand his honor guardAnd the pipes his requiem