From the recording Hit the Ground Running

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He came in smilling - Took a look around
Acting like he owned the place
He said Hello but there was something
I didn't like about his face

His friends were waiting, glasses raised
At a table in the back
It was then I realized
They were moving in a pack

The hellhounds go hunting
Set their sights on us
We hit the ground running
Left them in the dust

He had an ease of manner, a lazy charm
There were no tell-tale signs
Did he wear the devil's waistcoat
Or was he just dressed to the nines?

The woman with him stared at me
With cold and calculating eyes
I could read her mind - She was thinking
She'd like to cut me down to size

We hightailed it out of there -Then behind
We heard a wailing sound
We called, "Catch us if you can
You'll never take us down"