1. It Changed Me

From the recording Rock Another Day

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The things that used to matter
They don’t matter anymore
I shake my head and wonder
What I wasted all that time for
The glory of an hour
When I threw whole years away, you see
Now I count as gold
To have but not to hold
It changed me
And I awoke
Cut by the blade of Truth
Now if I could just remember
Where I misplaced my youth
Lost along the wayside
Left behind so carelessly
It will not be returned
Another lesson learned
It changed me
One sunny morning
I saw a great bird take flight
I couldn’t help it
I shivered like the day was night
I watched it go over
And on beyond the sea
The pattern on the wing
Told me everything
It changed me
Once I knew a boy
He liked to jump and shout
“Catch me if you can”
His light flickered and went out
And even though you don’t want to
You see things differently
He could run just like the wind
He was swift and thin
It changed me
A troubadour was singing
“Precious little do we own
Fragments of an old song
Last lines unknown”
I heard it from a distance
I couldn’t catch the melody
But Lord, it haunts me still
And it always will
It changed me