From the recording Sally in the Doorway

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Ever since she went away
You tell yourself the sky’s not grey
You walk alone - You need no one
You do the things you’ve always done
You tell your friends you’re doing fine
Life goes on - Stars still shine
Suns still set - Tides still rise
You don’t miss her dancing eyes
You’re through with these
Foolish memories
Oh - but every now and then
A song from long ago
Comes on the radio
And it moves you again
Yes, stars still glow but listlessly
They’ve lost their luster - They sing off key
You refuse to face the fact
You can’t admit you want her back
You pretend that you don’t miss h
Her sweet embrace, her tender kiss
You live a lie day after day
Her photographs you throw away
And too late you realize
She was the one who lit the skies
You cry out loud on bended knee
“Please come back - Come back to me”