From the recording A Rude Awakening


I wanna be a punk againI’m tired of being quietI wanna be a punk againTime to start a riotI’ve got the inclinationTo turn back the pagesCreate some agitationAnd act outrageousGoin’ down to CBGBGonna damage my earsI want to hear…“Hey ho, let’s go let’s go”I want to go way back whenI wanna be a punk againI wanna be a punk againDon’t want to settle downI wanna be a punk againGet driven out of townSafety pins and chainsA black leather jacketThrowin’ punches in the pitAnd make a big racketJoey, Dee Dee, Johnny, TommyDo you hear us call your name?Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny, TommyYou’re the keepers of the flameWay over in the U.K.Johnny, Steve and SidYou may not have had funBut we sure did