From the recording VIII

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In too deep, I keep getting caught in the brambles
Spun around, run down trying to walk a straight line
Oh well - truth to tell, my life is in shambles
Anybody asks, I say I’m doing just fine

Hey, wait a minute – What do I see?
Flying in low it’s an angel of mercy
Through the Valley of Death I’ve been driven
Now I’m back in the land of the livin’

I’ve been scarred, got caught off guard – took a bullet
In my hour of need start to bleed, thinking maybe I’ve been cursed
Left for dead, hanging by a thread with no one to pull it
Shake my fist at the sky and say, “All right – Do your worst”

Voice of fear in my ear keeps repeating, “You’re stranded
In the wilderness – Oh yes – with all the lost and forlorn”
I said, “Oh no, I won’t go from this life empty-handed
Come on, Gabriel, blow your horn”