1. Lucky Day

From the recording Situation Out of Control


Somebody must have said somethingTo cause such a stir in the roomHave you been up to your old tricksSinging the same same sad tune?Crying on everyone's shoulderSaying you're tired of it allWatching yourself getting olderWaiting for the sky to fallWhatever you do, don't be discouragedDo you hear the words we say?Something might be comin' around the cornerThis could be your lucky daySitting in the dark on the telephoneYou've got all your curtains drawnTelling your little tales of woeSaying how you can't go onWell, if it's any consolationWe sometimes feel that way tooLater on you'll discoverThat the black sky is blueTake some time and think it overWhat we say you know is trueYou might find a four-leaf cloverGrowing right next to you