From the recording A Rude Awakening

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Tell me who is that I see
In the mirror staring back at me
Looking like she’s been through hell
Living in a run down motel?
Torn curtains, tattered dreams
All coming apart at the seams
Why was I so blind?

Might have been Memphis
Where I saw the light
I can’t do this – Gonna make it right
Lord, took your name in vain
I confess I’ve been raising Cain
Little girl singing in the choir
Grew up, started playing with fire
I said, “What am I doin’
Goin’ full speed ahead on the road to ruin?”

Hard to say where it all went wrong
Always was a little headstrong
Turned my back on the golden rule
Got a reputation as a rebel in school
Mama said, “You used to make us so proud
What are you doin’, for cryin’ out loud?”
Why was I so blind?

I said, “You’re not gonna hold me down
I’m gettin’ out of this one horse town
Not gonna listen to you anymore”
Stormed out the house and I slammed the doorJ
umped in the car and I put it in Drive
Hit the highway doin’ ninety-five
Why was I so blind?

Up till dawn and sleep all day
Skin and bones and I’m wasting away
Wish I may and I wish I might
Be the child singing “Silent Night”
On the phone I swore I wasn’t cryin’
Daddy said, “ I always could tell when you were lyin’”
I said, “Please – Can I come home?”