From the recording Fire It Up

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Who goes there - friend or foe?
Somebody tell me - I don’t know
What’s that waiting behind the door?
An ancient voice says, “My name is War”
Every step could be fatal. Every alley is blind
Every encounter the dangerous kind
It seems like even the shadows are armed
Sent to do you harm

The lines are drawn - The bullet left the gun
Wish me well, my darling one
At the gates of Hell, we’re under attack
And there’s no turning back

Coming in on a wing and a prayer
Our brothers and sisters are already there
From the beginning, the beginning of time
We stand together on the battleline
And the universe seems to contract
To a single moment, to the point of impact
With victory in sight across the abyss
Comes the memory of a goodbye kiss

I’m not saying who’s right or wrong
But who will sing the soldier’s song
Give thanks for the courage, honor the brave
Weep beside a silent grave?
A cry comes down through the centuries
“Deliver us from our enemies”
And I will love you till the day I die
Semper Fi