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  1. Out Of Harm's Way

From the recording Church Of The Falling Rain


Come away from the windowBe sure the blinds are drawnI've got a feeling in my bones tonightAnother mother's child is goneAnother soul departedFor the sweet unknownIn the arms of angelsBound for Heaven's throneWe lie down on a bed of thornsWalk through fire on feet of clayRead a book with the pages tornSayin', "Keep us out of harm's way"For every starry-eyed dreamerFor every warriors' truceThere's a madman in the alleyAnd a killer on the looseCan we be delivered?Can we be savedFrom a fatal blowAnd a shallow grave?History's been writtenWith a pen dipped in bloodHeld in a hand that tremblesAmid the tempest and the floodWith those who've gone before usAnd those to follow bye and byeAdd our voices to the chorusOf the everlasting cry