From the recording Dreams of Glory

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There’s been a lot of commotion
Up here on the third floor
It took me a while to figure out
What it was for
Heard excited voices
Packages brought in
As we hurtle around the sun
It’s enough to make your head spin

Oh, in this great wide world
There’s just one thing I know
They’re having a party down the hall
And I don’t want to go

They’ve got the decorations
They’ve been working on for days
Expensive speakers
Playing “Purple Haze”I
got my invitation
It came by U.S. Mail
I’ve been hiding out
All to no avail

A girl walked by dressed as a ghost
I guess it’s a costume ball
A man came as a pirate
It might not be a costume at all
He told her, “You should lighten up
You look like the melancholy kind
Life is for the living”
And he took another drink of white wine

A man without knowing why
Approached a woman in red
He said the first thing
That came into his head
He said, “Hi, you sweet little dear
What’s your heart’s desire?”
She said, “To take the songs I hear
And convert them into fire”

He said, “Well, I like your style
I’ll tell you what
We’ll sneak down the back stairs
Find the field where the corn’s been cut
The stalks are hard as rocks
We might not get too far
But if you take my ice-cold hand
We’ll navigate by the North Star”