From the recording Rock Another Day

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He looks so familiar
You’ve seen him around
He’s the one slouching in the doorway
Just before the walls come down
He acts a little shifty
He’s got that vacant stare
I don’t know why he seems to multiply
Now you find him everywhere
Here comes trouble climbing in your window
I’m in the alley – I got hit with a low blow
I don’t believe what they say on the radio
    (Who stole the gold at the end of the rainbow?)
Peace in the valley? I don’t think so
I went down to the seaside
Thought I’d go for a swim
Shadow on the boardwalk gave me quite a shock
I said, “Oh no, not him”
He was right behind me
I said, “This is all I need”
I thought I heard him mumble to himself
“I’ve got half a mind to make you bleed”
I turned on the TV
Uh-oh there’s another one
Just a crackpot thinkin’ he’s a hotshot
Beatin’ on the war drum
He likes to rattle his saber
I’d like to take it by force
Leave him out on the field of battle
Cryin’, “My kingdom for a horse”