1. Peace of Mind

From the recording Dreams of Glory

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Underneath the silent stars
I used to lie and dream
But now those moments of repose
Are few and far between
The stars have tumbled down
Even love a source of pain
People say, “ Take this – Do that
And you’ll feel right as rain”

There’s a place that waits for me
I seek but do not find(Where deep, slow rivers wind)
All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
All I ever wanted was justA little peace of mind

Caught up in the day to day to day
And jostled by the crowd
Took refuge in a corner store
But that TV’s turned up way too loud
Someone pulled a trigger
Someone told a lie
I want to walk the white sands of Micronesia
Just once before I die

I know it’s out there somewhere
I have felt its quiet thrill
But it’s always out of reach, out of sight
Behind that curtain, just over that hill