1. Rectified

From the recording Fire It Up

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Waiting at the window
For a daughter coming home
The words unspoken
“She’s on that road alone”
Fear and trepidation
As they watched the shadow s fall
No laughter at the gate
Silence in the hall
And another was waiting
For that sweet and tender child
Anger in his heart
Murder in the smile
There at the last bend
He struck and there she died
If we live long enough
We’ll see it rectified

The forest kept watch
Till the breaking of the day
When that cold still form
Was gently borne away
And echoed through the trees
“Men, let’s saddle up and ride
If we live long enough
We’ll see this rectified”

They rode through the day
And they rode through the night
Came upon a campfire
Still smoldering white
And echoed again through the trees
“You can run but you can’t hide
If we live long enough
We’ll see it rectified”
They found the coward trembling
With voices hard and low
They said, “We could kill you here
And none would ever know
But we’ll take you to a prison cell
Dream of gallows high and wide
We lived long enough
To see it rectified”

There’s a long stretch of highway
With weeds overgrown
That hide a marker of pale grey stone
It tells the story - Here she lived and here she died
But they lived long enough to see it rectified