1. Red Letter Day

From the recording A Wild Bird Flying

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I am not rich and I’m not poor
Not exactly sick but never quite cured
I’ve been lost and I’ve been found
I’ve been up and then right back down
You’ll find me at the curve of the bay
Waitin’ for my red letter day
I have sorrow and regret
I forgive and now I even forget
I have borrowed and I’ve been owed
But most of the time I’ve been kickin’
                                        stones in the road
Someone with no earthly name
Gave me a torch- It had a steady flame
And said, “That’s all I have to give
Now go find the spark you started life with”
I have stumbled and I’ve tripped
Held the prize and then it slipped
Through the fingers of my hand
Just like these pretty little grains of sand
Out of tune and out of touch
All in all not a life that matters much
But oh – then again
I’ve seen the sun rise and I’ve known a friend