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  1. Reunited

From the recording A Rude Awakening


“Should oldAcquaintance be forgot”Lately I’veBeen giving it some thoughtAnd it seemsTo me unjustThat time and circumstanceShould separate usOn this January dayRemember what was saidWe will beReunitedI heardThe bell tollAnd it chipped the paintRight off my soulLeft it exposedTo the rain and the windGot me watching the doorWaiting for you to walk in“Death shall have no dominion”Isn’t that what the poet said?And you know, he was rightHe’s really not deadThough he sleepsBehind abbey wallsHis voice still lingersAnd we hear it callThe way a hawkGoes into a diveMakes us shake our heads and say“So that’s what it’s like to be really alive”And thingsThat make us laugh out loudThe way we’d look in white robesHolding hands in a cloudAnd then –Like an actor in a playSo as not to overdo itThrows his exit line awayWith a small saluteA wink and a nodWalks off Stage RightInto the arms of God