1. Rock It

From the recording Born To Howl

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Don't breathe the air - Don't drink the water
You might die of a rare disease
When you go out, put on your overcoat
Poor baby, you don't want to freeze
And when you're sick, go to the doctor
He makes you promise to take your pills
Got your prescription but there's a question
Are you sure it cures all your ills?

Yes, I know we're on dangerous ground
And all the walls might come tumbling down
But give the wheel of fortune a spin
Throw caution to the wind

Rock it - Rock it
Don't just roll over and die
Rock it - Rock it
Shoot the moon right out of the sky

You must beware - You must be careful
They teach you that from the very start
I thought a lot about it - I got suspicious
They said they had my best interests at heart
I'll be a surfer in California
I like the feel of the open air
I see them waving - I hear them calling
"Come back to shore", but I just don't care