1. Rock On

From the recording Fire It Up

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What’s that in the sky?
It’s a bird of prey
With a predatory eye
And it’s looking your way
You wore a suit of armor
With a heavy metal plate
No match for the falcon’s claw
You learned that way too late

Rock on, Rock on
When your hope is dead and gone
Rock on, Rock on
Through the dark before the dawn
Rock on through the driving rain
Through the Level Five hurricane
Rock on, Rock on, Rock on

When the four winds scatter
The seeds you have sewn
Faith lies in tatters
And you’re all alone
Life hangs in the balance
By a slender thread
You’ve got a premonition
There’s more trouble up ahead

Reversal of fortune
Star-crossed love
Bad luck and sorrow
They go hand in glove
But there’s a voice within you
When you hit the wall
Can you hear it whisper?
Can you hear it call?