1. Shake

From the recording Born To Howl

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"Great God Almighty"
I heard a woman cry
"Do you think I'm made of iron?
How dare you pass me by?
I've seen your kind before
You seem so self-assured
What are you doing walking on the wild side
Looking so demure?"

And then she started swaying
She said, "I've disconnected from the whole
Can't you hear? The band is playing
Shake, Rattle and Roll"

The sidewalk is her ballroom
Her dress a tattered grey
People stop and whisper
"I wonder how she got that way"
She said, "I like to let my hair down
Let it fall and let it flow
Dance to all the old songs
I remember long ago"

I tried to break it gently
I said, "No one hears your song"
She said, "What makes you so sure you've got it right
And I've got it wrong?
You can keep your comforts of home
They mean nothing to me
I prefer the wreckage
Of a life that used to be"